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Wide Street Los Herreros

La Antigua Guatemala is famous for its craftsmen; among them are the makers of iron. And like all history, they have a place “Calle Ancha de Los Herreros”

This famous street is located between the boundary of La Antigua Guatemala and Jocotenango, it becomes one of the most photogenic spots during Easter because its beautiful carpets of sawdust that for generations have made the locals.

Ricardo Tojín Silva, local leader, tells us that from the time of the conquest, it was already an important communication way to the west of the country. Today this street extends for approximately 80

0 meters from the corner of Zacateros until Copante.

The name “The Smiths” is because it was a street where visitors arriving in the city left their wagons their blacksmiths to fix the wheels and replace horseshoes to horses. Here balconies and locks are also manufactured homes.


The Montiel family prepares one of the more traditional sawdust carpets. Don Luis Alberto Montiel Gaytán (best know as Choco or Beto) said us they have been around for five generations with this devotion. Family and friends work together on made the colorful carpets.

procesionAnd the legacy of betrayal forging continues. Ernesto Figueroa one of the last descendants of the ancient blacksmiths still holds the office. Other blacksmiths but also use more modern techniques.

The ceramist Julio España, Lencho López and his antique clothes factory, the announcer Maco Rodriguez and footballer July “Media Cuta” Mendoza neighbors have also been featured originating in the Calle Ancha.


From an architectural point of view, houses with walls of low-rise characterize it. Since 1958, the road is paved as an important gateway to the city. Before it was dirt

La Calle Ancha de los Herreros

Challenges facing the community

  • Build youth identity
  • Reduced risk of flooding.
  • Disorder road and speeding trucks
  • Bus stop
  • Dysfunctional sidewalks
  • Pedestrian safety


  • The Death Cart
  • The Cry of Llorona

Nearby is

  • Gymnasium Autonomous Sports Confederation of Guatemala
  • Estadio Pensativo
  • General Comptroller’s Office
  • Criminal Court of First Instance
  • IGSS

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