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Ixcanul, Volcano

This film of Guatemalan director Jayro Bustamante is starring two actresses from Santa Maria de Jesús, town near La Antigua Guatemala at the foot of Agua Volcano. It is the first Central American film entering official competition at the International Film Festival in Berlin, considered one of the three most important festivals of the world where it also won.

The film will be shown in La Antigua Guatemala 1 to October 17 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) at 6:00 pm. In the Training Center of the Spanish Cooperation. Donation Q35.00

The history

María, Maya Cakchiquel young, 17, lives with her parents in a coffee plantation, isolated from modern amenities, on the slopes of a volcano in Guatemala. María wants to change her destiny, to escape an arranged marriage the wait and see what’s behind the volcano. The “great city” of her dreams, life-saving, but at what price?


The protagonists

Maria Mercedes Coroy

Mercedes Coroy en una de las escenas de la película

Mercedes Coroy en una de las escenas de la película

She´s the penultimate in a family of six children. His parents did not go to school is your generation that began to study. From early Mercedes divides her time between school, plantations of fruit and vegetables from his father and the market, where accompanies her mother to sell the production. At school she born her interest in art and it is there where she plays his first role as Snow White, from there more involved in cultural activities. She went way to meet the film’s screenplay IXCANUL, where she played a young Mayan victim of discrimination and seeks to achieve their dreams.

María Telón

María Telón

María Telón

Acting is for María a way to conduit all the force that carries a child inside. Mary is early widow with three children to bring up. This experience awakens in her the actress within. Start working with a theater troupe that addresses issues affecting women and the Maya in Guatemala. Her foray into cinema is thanks to the film “Dust” by Julio Hernández. Acting in the atrium of the church of Santa Maria de Jesus, Mary was discovered to co-star Ixcanul.


Prize Festival Year Result
Oso de Plata del Premio Alfred Bauer Festival Internacional de Cine de Berlín 2015 winner
Best Latin America Film Festival de cine de San Sebastián 2015 nominee
Best Film Festival de cine de Guadalajara 2015 winner
Best Film Festival de cine de Cartagena 2015 winner


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