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Santa Catalina Arch

  • 1613 Convent constructed
  • 1647 Church finished
  • 1773 Destroyed by earthquake
  • 1833 Arch restauration

In 1693, the nuns of the Monastery of the Immaculate Conception asked the city council of Santiago de Guatemala the authorization to close the street to establish a school. This request was rejected by the Council to keep the passage open to the convent of Mercy.

Unable to access from the building across the street, the nuns ordered to build an arch. Inside the arc passes a runner wearing the nuns move from side to side of the street without being seen because they were nuns in cloister.

In the central and upper part it has a French watch brand Lamy Lacroix Amp that continues giving the time.

The earthquakes of Santa Marta damaged the structure in 1773 but in 1833 the Corregidor José María Palomo and Montúfar ordered its restoration and the structure remains standing far in excellent condition.

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