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Forgotten Faces

Few things stir the human spirit as much as see us helpless, alone and unable to fend for ourselves. Especially when it happens to us at the end of a lifetime of labor and devotion.

When we´re young, full of energy and a world ahead, hardly thought about the possibility that someday reach old age, possibly not imagine who will take care of us.

Ana Lidia Alvarado20 years ago, Casa María was born a home in Antigua Guatemala where hundreds of seniors have received appreciation, care, companionship and love in their later years.
This is a place that today hosts approximately 63 elders from across the republic and even some foreigners.

Its founder, Ana Lidia Alvarado originally from the neighborhood of La Merced, the project began with the idea of commercially establish it as a home for the elderly. However they began arriving elderly who had no family or no financial resources and decided to change the model so that it formed an institution.

Most elderly suffering from senile dementia, Alzheimer’s or other health conditions and require constant care and medical attention. “We have 21 permanent employees which are divided into three shifts, but still need more support,” says Ana Lidia, who also appreciates the support of the volunteers who daily visit the center located in the village of San Felipe de Jesus, a few meters from the parish.

“Volunteers help us with the cleaning people, take them for walks and make them have a good time. We also have a volunteer doctor and now a group of Spanish students who are building a new kitchen for the home, “says Ana Lidia.

When asked about the stories that have marked the 20 years of Casa María, Ana Lidia’s eyes fill with tears; that they are many and it is difficult to speak of one, as many of them are very strong and more sweets. “Our elders enjoy typical food at lunch. Another beautiful thing that happens here is that despite age, still loving couples come and see them happier ” she concludes.

How to help?

  • Time: There are people who have no family, nobody visits. Get to share with them as a way to help.
  • Donations of food, cleaning supplies, medicines, clothing, etc.
  • Cash. They need to pay the rent that month amounted to Q10,000 addition to basic services, feeding staff salaries and other fixed costs.


La Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez
Guatemala, Centro América
Teléfono. 502 7831-0014

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