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The talented sculptor, Juan José Pellecer


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The artistic talent of Juan José surprised all and sundry with the detail and quality of each of his works, until now little known.

There was a clay studio in his house although his family didn’t want him to be an artist  because it isn’t a good source of income.

Despite this fact, Juan José Pellecer Rodenas  learned how to transform formless pieces of clay into beautiful works of art starting at the age of eight years old.
modeladorToday, more than half a century later, he sculpts some of the most beautiful pieces of art that are produced in Antigua, Guatemala.

The quality of his works is evident in the realistic figures that he creates, as well as the intricate details in paint that cover them.
He is famous for creating representations of the nativity scene, scenes from everyday Guatemalan living, characters from Guatemalan legends, and the national bird of Guatemala.

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