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Tanque la Unión: The social network of the past

In the Colonial Era, many of the houses did not have a place to wash laundry, and for this reason public washbasins were constructed where people could wash their clothes.

tanquelaunion5Even though these places were created to do a practical job, they also functioned as a good place to talk about the news of the country and local gossip. For this reason these places are called “The Social Media” of those times.

Originally, the place where the washbasins are located was called the Plaza de San José and only had one small fountain and one basin.

It would be until the year of 1850 before the mayor José María Palomo Montufar set out to transform the place. It was finally finished February 3rd, 1853.

tanqueIn 1925 with the gathering of the Unionist Congress of Central America, the name was changed to the park and tanque La Unión.The arcs are in the neoclassical style with interior benches to sit, containing 22 washbasins strategically placed with places to put soap and a space underneath for your feet. In addition, the floor is sloped to allow drainage if there are any spills of water.


Today, it continues to be a place where neighbors, artists and visitors can enjoy conversation or spend some time alone watching the people who pass by.

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