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Antigua, the city of love. Jeff & and Mary

The city that has inspired poets, painters, and many artists, is the same where the love between Mary Beth and Jeff Meyer was born.Even though both originally resided in Tennessee, The United States; it was in Antigua Guatemala, more than 2,500 kilometers from home, where this love arrived to both of them. They came to Antigua Guatemala in order to learn Spanish. They never imagined how this decision would change their lives.

pareja3They arrived in Guatemala in 2013; Jeff arrived in January and Mary Beth in May. The two had the same goal, to learn Spanish at Christian Spanish Academy. This is where they first met.  Jeff came to learn Spanish because he is a missionary and wants to preach the gospel to Spanish speakers. Mary Beth is a nurse and wants to help others; in fact on her first trip to Guatemala, she worked for five weeks as a volunteer at a hospital in Chichicastenango.

“She arrived at a time that I had been praying intensely, asking God for Him to speak to me and that I would find the woman He wanted for me. It wasn’t love at first sight, but after two weeks I knew she was the one” said Jeff

Walking through the streets of Antigua and enjoying an ice cream at a good café are some of the things that they like doing and that time spent together has strengthened their love.

“Jeff is very romantic and every week he surprises me with flowers very colorful and different ones every time here in Antigua’’ said MaryBeth

pareja4Their story seems like a fairy tale, but upon seeing them in person it is even better. They are a couple full of joy, with mutual devotion and a desire to help others. They married in Tennessee in September of 2014 and returned to Antigua, Guatemala in December of the same year to continue their Spanish studies. Today they live in the neighborhood of  “La Merced” and love it. They enjoy fresh fruits every day and often on Saturday mornings they go the market . They will finish their studies in a few months; meanwhile they share their romance in the city La Antigua Guatemala.

Their website is http://jeffandmarybethmeyer.com

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